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Because it sounds like teh awesome-ness. Which it is. Actually, it's like, the corniest fic EVER, but still.

Who can decide what tehy dream, and dream I do....

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Disclaimer: I unfortunately don’t own Van Helsing. Unfortunately being the key word. I will own it though. Or, rather, him. *Drool* *Stares at 50-gazillion Gabriel pictures she has saved* Oh, and I’m afraid Cardinal Jinette’s going to be out of character in this, he acts a bit like Carl would. I’m sorry! Oh well, you won’t have to deal with the OOC-ness for very long…And, this chapter’s pretty much pointless. I just added it for humor, even if it’s not that funny, and to be a space-filler…

Chapter 02

“A break?” Cardinal Jinette stared blankly at Van Helsing. He caught Alicia standing in the background out of the corner of his eye. “A break, and you have a woman? This goes against a few of the Vatican’s principals, you do know.”

It took Van Helsing a moment of consideration, but, finally he understood the comment. His eyes widened and he shook his head violently. Alicia giggled in the background.

“N-no, no, no, no, sir. I-it’s not that. You see…” Gabriel leaned in closer to the Cardinal, in consideration for Alicia. Even though it had been a while after her father’s death, hearing about it could have invoked sadness in her.

“I killed her father,” Van Helsing continued, “It was accidental. He was one of the werewolves I was to hunt down. Her father was the only family she had left, so she asked me to take her to Transylvania. Yes, it’s the last place I want to go to, but, in apology, I’ll do it for her. So, may I please have a break?” He held his hands up like he was praying, to show that he was asking in honesty.

Cardinal Jinette raised an eyebrow. He never knew that Van Helsing could be that generous and considerate. The monster slayer seemed genuine in his inquiry.

“Alright,” the Cardinal finally replied, after many glances between Gabriel and Alicia. “Alright, I will permit this.”

Van Helsing and the woman had relief spread over their faces.

“On one condition,” Cardinal Jinette continued.

Van Helsing’s relief melted away as fast as it had come. “What’s that?”

“That you take a partner. You know, to keep you in check,” Cardinal Jinette shot a glance at Alicia and Gabriel again, “among other things.”


A few minutes later, Van Helsing, Alicia, and Carl the friar were mounting horses outside of the Vatican.

“Van Helsing, are you stupid?!” Carl exclaimed as the monster slayer sat down on his horse.

Gabriel gave the friar a strange look. “No, at least I don’t think I am. I always get on the horse on the horse’s left side.”

Carl shook his head and climbed on his horse. “No, no, not about that! I meant about asking the Cardinal for a break! And with a woman, no less! Could you have been any more obvious?! How’d you ever get permission to leave?!”

Van Helsing and Alicia rolled their eyes. “I killed her father, Carl,” Gabriel said.

Carl shrugged, as all three trotted off. “Haven’t you killed a lot of peoples’ fathers?”

Van Helsing shook his head. “This was different.”

“Because she’s a beautiful woman, right?”

Alicia blinked at him. “No, I’m not.”

Gabriel glanced at them both. “Actually, it’s because she had no family left after I killed her father, so she asked me to take her to Transylvania, where I suppose she has family there.”

“Yes,” she said, “some cousins.”

Carl nodded skeptically. “Right. There are ways to be less obvious about it, you know.”

“Less obvious about what?!” Alicia and Van Helsing said in unison.

“I don’t doubt your innocence, Alicia,” the friar explained, “but just watch out for Van Helsing.”

Van Helsing’s eyes widened in anger at who was saying this. “There’s such irony at who’s saying this, here. Let’s see… Who was it who did things back in Transylvania?!”

Redness crossed Carl’s face. “I am but an innocent friar.”

“Yet you use that excuse for everything bad you do,” Van Helsing retorted. “Swearing, ‘Oh, I’m still just a friar.’ Anything else, ‘I’m just a friar.’”

The friar’s face got redder. “I have done nothing of that sort.”

Gabriel stared blankly at Carl. “Carl, when we have to camp out, you talk in your sleep.” He galloped off, Alicia quickly following him and laughing.

Carl, finally admitting defeat, galloped after them, yelling, “Who really care’s if I did it?! I’m still just a friar!”

Van Helsing turned around. “It’s getting old, Carl!”


A few hours later of making fun of Carl and riding horses, the sun set and night was upon the trio.

“Alicia, when you see a spot that would be good to camp out, just tell me,” Van Helsing said, as they slowed their horses.

She nodded, slowly eating an apple she’d brought with her.

“Uh-huh. I see how it is,” Carl commented. “’Camp out.’ Hah! Don’t think that I don’t understand.”

Van Helsing and Alicia glanced behind at Carl.

“What?!” The friar asked, “I’m just hinting at the fact that there are ways to be less obvious about it, you know.”

The other two rolled their eyes and turned around. That’s all the friar had said all day. Every time Alicia would say something to Van Helsing, Carl would pipe in: “There are ways to be less obvious about it, you know.”

It was most definitely getting annoying. Van Helsing thought that Carl was merely jealous because the monster slayer had found Alicia before him. Alicia didn’t know what, exactly, the friar’s problem was. But, she did know that Van Helsing was not an ordinary human being for putting up with Carl for so long.

Finally, the three reached a clearing.

“This would be good,” Alicia and Van Helsing said in unison, getting off of their horses.

Carl got off of his. “There are ways to be less obvious about it, you know,” he muttered.

The other two sighed in annoyance. Alicia turned around.

“Right back at you, Carl.”

He looked at her. “What?”

Van Helsing turned around, also. “We have ears,” he said, pointing to his ears, “You can be less obvious about what you’re saying. It might just keep you out of trouble.”

Carl muttered something inaudible as everyone began searching for wood to use for a fire. A lot of it was wet from a recent rain, but they managed to find enough for warmth. The friar was put in charge of the fire as Alicia and Van Helsing walked off.

“There are ways—“ Carl began.

Van Helsing and Alicia finished, “—To be less obvious about it. We know.”

Carl managed to watch the fire. He was obviously depressed, probably at the fact that he would have no one to talk to until the two returned from… Well, whatever they were doing. Carl had his ideas, he wasn’t stupid. Of course, those ideas were entirely wrong, but he still had those ideas, yes he did.

To the friar’s relief, they finally returned a half-hour later.

“How high did you get?” he asked as they walked through the foliage.

They brushed the comment off, and Alicia walked over to Carl. “Here. I brought food. Not that you really deserve it, after the headache I’m going through, but here, have food.”

Carl gladly accepted the fruit Alicia held out to him. She and Van Helsing took theirs and walked around, examining their campsite. The only interesting thing appeared to be a fairly large tree in the middle of the clearing. It offered an interesting sight, but it wasn’t very unusual.

Van Helsing was walking around the roots of the tree, looking for werewolf paw prints, or maybe he was just bored. Alicia was standing in between the ground and two of the roots. Without paying attention, Van Helsing tripped and landed on top of her, pushing her face-first into the dirt. They both blushed and scrambled up before Carl could see anything, or so they thought.

Carl rolled his eyes. “There are ways to be less obvious about it, you know.”

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