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*GASP* Could it be?! Yes! I am here again!! And, I actually have a fic that I just remembered!! It's only chapter one, and I started it about a month ago...

It's based on a dream. It's all inside the LJ-cut (Because it's too long to put in a normal entry. Rawr.):

Okie dokie, then. This is a fic that I wrote from a really weird dream I had, that scared me half to death. It was the night after I had seen the ORIGINAL (AKA, 1975 version) Stepford Wives movie, so that’s why it’s kinda Stepford-Wives-ish. No, the movie didn’t scare me, but the dream did. Which is probably why I remember it so well to make it a fic! But, I know it’s going to turn out REALLY, REALLY corny in the end, but it’s how my dream ended. And that’s probably going to be the only part of my dream that’s accurate. The rest of the parts have been fabricated and edited to no end (No, nothing naughty happened! It just switched time periods a lot.), and I made it switch POVs a lot. So sue me. Wait, on second thought, don’t. I’m broke.

Disclaimer: No, I don’t own Van Helsing *Sob* and I don’t own the Stepford Wives. I’m pretty sure that I own myself, though. But I changed my last name (A given) and made myself older (For reasons that will be obvious later). Does that mean that I’m now an original character, and not myself? I hope not.

Chapter 01

The woman raced through the trees on her midnight-dark stallion. As she did so, one question kept running through her mind: Where was her father? She had reminded him constantly that night that it was a full moon. Werewolves were bound to be everywhere. But, no. Her father wouldn’t listen. Evidently, he cared more for his drinking buddies than the feelings of his own daughter. Feeling hot tears well up in her eyes, she raced faster into the night.


Much deeper into the forest, Gabriel Van Helsing stood with his back to a tree, gun at his side. He wasn’t having much of a winning streak that night with the werewolf, and he had many deep cuts, but, fortunately, no bites. He heard the werewolf walk around, trying to pick up his scent. Just when Van Helsing was letting his guard down, the wolf lunged out from behind the tree, causing him to pull the gun’s trigger instinctively. But, the gun was aimed at the ground. A bullet wasted.

Van Helsing ran as fast as he could into the clearing, and cursed his bad luck. But, then again, he had been on quite a losing streak since after defeating Dracula, so why would a small Lycanthrope assassination be any different?

Gabriel quickly turned around, and slipped on some wet leaves. As he fell, he decided to take a chance shot, and pulled the trigger, this time actually aiming at the werewolf. A silver bullet shot out as Van Helsing hit the ground. A few seconds later, he stood up, and observed what had happened: A dead hit. He glanced around. A woman was standing in the trees before the clearing.


A few minutes before, the woman had heard a gunshot, which startled her. When she reached a clearing, a man was fighting a werewolf. ‘So that’s where the gunshot came from,’ she thought, jumping off of her horse. She managed to get behind a tree as the man slipped and fell, shooting his gun once again. Finally, all was silent. When the woman emerged, she felt the man’s eyes on her. She stared back, but averted her gaze when the wolf transformed back into a man. The woman gasped and covered her mouth, immediately running over and kneeling down beside the man. But, it had been a dead hit, straight to the heart. There was no hope for this woman’s father.


Van Helsing watched with slight concern as the woman he had seen gasped and kneeled down beside the man he had just killed. With his head bowed, he crossed himself. “May God rest your soul,” he whispered in Latin. The monster slayer turned to leave, but the woman’s sobs stopped him, and turned him back around.

He walked up to the woman. “I’m sorry,” he said, “I take it he was someone special to you?”

She looked up, an angry glare on her face. Before Van Helsing knew what was going on, she had him pinned to a nearby tree and had slapped him across the face.

“That was my father!” she screamed. “My father! You killed my father!”

“Look, I did say that I was sorry,” Van Helsing replied, “but what was he doing out here, in the middle of a forest, during a full moon?”

The woman paused for a moment, glancing at the ground, and then glared at the man she had pinned to the tree. “I wouldn’t know! He probably got drunk and wandered out here!”

The monster slayer attempted to shrug her off of him, but to no avail. “Did your father go drinking often?”

She nodded. “Once or twice each month.”

“Was it always with a full moon?”

The woman thought back. “Yes, actually, it was.” She loosened her grip on Van Helsing’s shoulder. “Once a month, during the full or blue moon.”

“Then, I think we have this figured out.” Van Helsing said. Noticing that the woman wasn’t following very well, he resolved to explain, but first asked a question. “When did your father first start going out on full and blue moons?”

“Maybe two years ago.”

“Alright. Obviously, your father was out somewhere one night, and was bitten by a werewolf.”

She gasped, remembering something from two years back.

It was after midnight, and raining heavily. Her father had still not returned. She began to wonder where he could be at this hour when, suddenly, the door opened and slammed shut. There, dirty, soaked, and drunk, stood her father. She found this terribly frightening, considering the fact that, in all of her seventeen years, she had never seen him like that. It may have been an aftereffect of his wife’s, her mother’s, death. Most distressing of all, however, was not the way her father looked or was acting, but the bloody gash on his arm. The wound looked fresh, and blood was running down his arm from the rain.

“Father?” she asked. “Father, are you alright?”

The man fixed his gaze on her, but said nothing.

“You haven’t been bitten, have you?” she said.

He shook his head, and sat down. She hurried off to get cloths to bandage his arm.

When she returned, she kneeled down, and began bandaging her father’s wounded arm.

“Laura,” he whispered, hoarsely, and calling his daughter by her mother’s name, “Laura, don’t you dare tell anyone about this night.”

She nodded, wondering why she was being called by her mother’s name, and needing an explanation. But, some things are better left unsaid. However, she did begin to wonder when he began “going out to drink with his friends” once a month.

“He was,” she whispered. “I remember.”

Van Helsing nodded, glad that he was correct. “Your father was bitten, obviously. Once a month, on the full moon, and the night that he was to transform, he would leave home for the night to run into the forest and transform, making sure that you stayed safe.”

Tears welled up in her eyes once more, and she realized that her father did, indeed, care about her. But, after a minute, she straightened up, making her grip on the man tighter again. Why should she believe this man? He could be lying to her. He didn’t know them. What right did he have to kill her father. After staring at the ground for a few seconds, she glared at him again. “I’m going to kill you! You killed my father, which makes me obligated to do the same to you!”


Van Helsing felt a sense of shock when this woman, who appeared to be no more than twenty, declared that she would kill him.

“Miss, may I at least get the name of my murderer?” he inquired.

She met him with a smug grin. “Who wants to know?”

“Gabriel Van Helsing.”

The woman gasped and quickly jumped back, setting Van Helsing free. “I’m sorry!” she said, breathlessly. “I’m very sorry! I didn’t know who you were! Oh, please forgive me!”

Van Helsing smiled and tipped his fedora a little bit. “It’s quite alright.”

“Is there anything I can do to make up for it?!”

“Yes, in fact, there is.”

“What?! I swear, I’ll do it! Just don’t murder me, please!”

He felt a little hurt at that. No matter where he went, everyone feared him and considered him a murderer. If people were now afraid of being murdered by him for not knowing his name, he was really lost. But, still, he forced another smile. “I won’t kill you for that,” he said, “just tell me your name.”

The woman nodded. “Alicia Sheridan.”

“It suits you.”


Alicia gave Van Helsing a strange look. Of course, he was enigmatic, and knew things that others didn’t, but he had only known her for fifteen minutes at the most. What right did he have to tell her that a name suited her?

“Is there anything that I can do to make up for your father?” Van Helsing asked, quieter now.

She thought for a moment. “Well, could you please walk with me out of the forest? After that, I could probably find my way home, but I just need help getting out of here.”

Van Helsing smiled and nodded. “Gladly.”

Alicia returned the smile and climbed back up onto her horse as Van Helsing retrieved his from trees. After he climbed up, they rode off.


“I don’t know if I will be able to forgive you for killing my father, though,” Alicia said as they emerged from the forest. Van Helsing had no intention of leaving her at that point, however. She interested him.

“I wouldn’t expect you to,” he replied, making his horse trot a little faster so he could be side by side with her. “It’s hard to lose someone you love very much.”

She looked at him out of the corner of her eye. “You say that like you’d know.”

“Who says I don’t?”

Now, Alicia turned her head to totally look at him. “You lost someone? How could you have anyone to lose? Is there actually someone out there who isn’t afraid of a cold-blooded murderer?”

He felt that pang of hurt once again. “People often make that misconception.”

“What misconception?”

“That I kill for my health, when, in fact, I kill for others’ health.”

She stared at him, and he decided to continue. “I kill to rid the world of evil. Back there, I wasn’t just fighting that wolf for fun, I was trying to make sure it didn’t get out and kill anyone else!”

“Oh,” Alicia said. “I’m sorry.”

Van Helsing glanced at the ground. “It’s forgiven.”

“But, did you really lose someone?”

Gabriel nodded. “Yes, I did. Anna Valerious. She was the only woman I could see myself spending eternity with.”

Alicia was silent for a moment. “Anna Valerious? I’ve heard that name, somewhere…”

Van Helsing shrugged. “It’s not surprising. I believe it was written in newspapers all over Europe that ‘Murderer Van Helsing Kills Transylvanian Woman.’”
She nodded. “That’s exactly where I heard it from. My father… He used to comment, every time he saw a wanted poster of you, or a write-up in the paper concerning you, that he wouldn’t bother turning you into the police, but instead would kill you with his bare hands.”

Van Helsing flinched, recalling how close Alicia’s father had come to doing that. “Nice family.”


Alicia laughed as the two entered the town in which she lived. In all honesty, this Van Helsing wasn’t all that bad as everyone made him out to be. Actually, she rather enjoyed his company.

Yet, something dawned on her, as they were going under a stone arch in the town, which had a few of Van Helsing’s wanted posters on it. She stopped right in front of one.

Van Helsing, too, came to a stop. “What is it?”

“My family… They’re all gone,” she replied, looking down. After a moment, she looked up. “I’ve always lived with them! I wouldn’t know what to do! Oh, what do I do?”

Van Helsing replied, with some sympathy in his voice, “Is there something you’d like done?”

Alicia thought, trying to see if there were any relatives of hers that didn’t live across an entire ocean.

“Yes,” she finally replied, returning her gaze to him. “Yes, in fact, there is. Gabriel Van Helsing, I want you to take me to Transylvania.”


Van Helsing stared at her. ‘Transylvania?’ he thought. ‘That’s almost a world away! But, I did kill her father. I really should do this.’

He turned his horse around. “Alright,” he said. “I’ll take you there. But, we have a stop or so to make along the way.”

He smiled as Alicia nodded, obviously happy.

Yeah. I'm gonna try to work on this fic some time... It is winter break, you know...
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